Our mission is simple, produce the freshest beats and get them to the people who crave them the most. Based in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area, we are committed to the culture of underground House Music and all forms of artistic expression that accompany it. We focus mainly on the Chicago and West Coast style deep, funky, jackin and tech house. We produce it, design it, promote it, and most of all we enjoy it! Simply put, we are in it for the love of that funky ass groove known as House!

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Sys all things Deep Techie and Soulful.. and Funky!

This month SYS is back with another 5th Saturday at Wish, HALLOWEEN NIGHT. This month we're featuring a SYS • Funky Farm Take Over. We're also celebrating Funky Farm's Kevin Barrundia's 21st birthday. Don't forget to wear your costumes!


• Rare Static (Nick Garcia & Oscar Miranda)
[Funky Farm / CSWS]

• Ruby Valeros
[West City / CSWS / Funky Farm]

• Kevin Barrundia (Birthday set!)
[CSWS / Funky Farm]

• Kenny Jara
[Audio Indika]



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Mix Sets (FREE downloads!)

Nick Garcia Live @ Funk It 4-20-12 by Nick Garcia

FunkyFarm Promo Mix 002 - Nick Garcia (128k) by Nick Garcia

Oscar Miranda-Live @ Funkit- 7/29/2011 by O-Dimes

Nick Garcia Live @ Get Down (San Jose) 7-12-11 by Nick Garcia

Hector Moralez live @ funkit 09/03/10 by UGLYHOUSE

Mix Archive

Oscar Miranda, Nick Garcia, Kevin Barrundia LIVE @ Onyx Lounge San Diego 7-14-12 by Funky Farm on Mixcloud

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  • The Jump Off
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